Field Services

We provide top-tier field services delivered by factory-trained technicians with Confined Space Entry Certification who undergo specialized training in instrument deployment techniques, programming, equipment calibration, and integration for optimal performance and accuracy. Our equipment designs prioritize longevity, unwavering reliability, and minimal maintenance requirements.

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Each installation is fortified with industrial-grade, corrosion-resistant hardware and fasteners, ensuring robust and dependable deployment. Our service vans are fully equipped mobile workshops, ready to handle a wide range of on-site needs. We are a fully insured company and adhere to rigorous safety standards, including the regular inspection of confined space equipment and calibrated air monitors. Your trust in our services is backed by our commitment to excellence and safety at every step.

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Flow Studies

We maintain a robust inventory of durable Teledyne ISCO flow modules and modems designed for flow studies. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can assist you in identifying the most suitable monitoring sites for your specific needs. Our fully equipped service vans enable us to perform precise and secure installations of our equipment at the necessary locations. These vans are outfitted with equipment for confined space entry and carry tools for on-site fabrication of custom mounting brackets and hangers.

Additionally, our capability to monitor flow study sites online allows us to promptly detect and address any issues that may arise, ensuring the continuous reliability of your monitoring system. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we are ready to provide comprehensive support for your flow study requirements.

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Complete On-Site Installation

Gripp, Inc. specializes in delivering turn-key, custom-designed installations tailored to the unique characteristics of each site. Leveraging our profound product expertise and in-depth flow stream profiling, we meticulously select the appropriate primary flow structure and flow technology. This approach guarantees the creation of optimized flow and sampling systems that translate into systems characterized by reliability, precision, and minimal maintenance requirements. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

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Yearly, Bi-Annual, or Quarterly Instrumentation Calibrations for All Manufacturers

We take immense pride in the reliability of our calibrations. A calibration certificate from Gripp, Inc. signifies our unwavering commitment to support you in every way possible, even when it comes to liaising with regulatory agencies should they have inquiries regarding your calibration.

Our calibration processes encompass various methods, including secondary flow instrument calibration and time-weighted calibration. In cases where traditional instrument calibration methods are not suitable, we readily conduct volumetric calibrations. To ensure that you remain compliant with permit requirements, our comprehensive database keeps track of calibration deadlines. We go the extra mile by sending out reminder notifications, assisting our valued customers in staying on top of their compliance obligations. Your peace of mind and regulatory adherence are our top priorities.

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Instrumentation repair

Instrumentation Repairs for All Manufacturers

We have the expertise to troubleshoot and repair equipment from all manufacturers. Our technicians employ historical flow data analysis to pinpoint problem occurrences and accurately identify their root causes. Our ultimate objective is to not only resolve current issues but also implement preventative measures to minimize future occurrences, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment.

As a courtesy to our customers, we offer temporary lease replacement equipment while repairs are being done. We will assist with shipping and tracking the progress of your instrument repairs. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your equipment are of paramount importance to us.

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Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Programs

The foundation of an effective preventative maintenance program is built with a meticulous installation process—which is precisely where our field service team excels. Our expert technicians ensure the proper installation of your equipment and provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance service.

By adhering to a prescribed preventative maintenance schedule, you can rest assured that your critical data will flow without interruption. We understand the importance of maintaining the continuity and reliability of your data, and it is at the forefront of our priorities.

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Stormwater system

CSO Stormwater and Collection System Flow Monitoring Service

Our 24/7 wireless data service is vital for CSO Stormwater and Collection System monitoring. It provides reliable data for decision-making and includes maintenance for service sites. Remote capabilities, such as battery monitoring, programming adjustments, and data retrieval, reduce labor and enhance safety. The capacity to monitor multiple parameters, including temperature, velocity strength, and spectrum ensures excellent data validation, empowering you with insights to make informed, accurate decisions.

We provide you with data and offer maintenance services to ensure that all your monitoring sites are in optimal working condition. Our approach streamlines operations, enhances safety, and reduces labor requirements, particularly in high-traffic areas. With the ability to remotely monitor battery voltage, make program adjustments from afar, and retrieve data remotely, you benefit from operational efficiency and minimized site visits.

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"Gripp was a great asset on our project, and I enjoyed working with Keith and Matt."

Steven Grice, Powers Engineering